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YYH Archive: FACTS & FAQ's

Maybe this community is to young to have 'frequently asked questions', but this post is all about giving the rundown about this community and how it functions! If you still have a question or concerns after reading this, then please do not hesitate to PM me! If you have any thoughts on how to make this site even better, then leave a message in this post with your thoughts!

How can I make a contribution to the community?
Join the community! There is no 'screening' process to join, you just join the community and automatically you are able to post (so long as your post fits what the Archive is looking for).

How do I post?
The current journal format does not allow for a navigation bar, which makes locating the 'post' option a bit tricky. If you wish to post, simply click on the User Info option on the left side of the Archive, and select the 'post' option from there. Make sure that your post is set to go to the community and not your personal journal (as I have done on several occasions ...)

What IS allowed at the Archive?
Think of the YYH Archive as a (giant?) library to be filled with as much Yu Yu Hakusho as possible. This means that fic, art and doujinshi are welcome, whether they are of your own creation or a link to someone else' work. As well, links to a specific site, artist or author in general are permitted. For instance, I can recommend a specific fic by White Cat, and then I can recommend White Cat's website in general. So long as it is posted according to the guidelines of the site, then it is welcome.

What is NOT allowed at the Archive?
This community is not interested in fic searches, role-playing, or general thoughts/ideas/rambles related to YYH or anything else. Nor are we interested in multiple posts advertising your site. While people are encouraged to post links to their own sites and works, following the notion that this is a library, one post is adequate. Unfinished works are also not permitted, even if the fic is something you are working on, please wait until you have completed it to make a post about it here. In future, there may be a place for older fanfictions that have (alas) been left uncompleted, but as the site is just getting started, only finished pieces in the Archive for now.

Tags?! Memories?
Every entry made to The Archive must have the appropriate tags on it. This is so that people can better find what they are looking for. When you make your post an option should be listed to choose tags. Simply scroll through the list and select any tag pertinent to the content of your post. While The Archive is very much open to a great number of things, there may not be a tag immediately present. If you are looking for a tag that does not seem to be posted yet, please let me know and I will create a tag for it. At the moment, artists and authors are also listed in the memories, so that if someone is looking for any post referencing a specific person they can easily locate it through the memories. Please check first to see if an entry for that artist or author appears in the memories already and if so, add your entry to that category. If not, then create a new memory for that individual (for further information about this, check-out the guidelines).

The ratings on fics or art should conform to those on movies, or alternately, to a generalized version of the fiction ratings, so that a label of 'teen', 'mature' or 'adult' may appear. If there is a question as to rating, err on the side of caution and mark-up.

What do I do if the fic I want to give a link for has poor formatting?
If a fic you wish to link to is formatted in such a way as to be difficult to read, then in addition to providing a link to that piece, you may also cut-and-paste the content directly into a post for The Archive, provided the content of the fic is placed after an LJ cut, and it is not expressly forbidden by the author. If this happens, make certain you check your post once it is done to see that it has translated well, because sometimes you need to remove some extra spaces in order for it to look presentable on LJ.
-if the fic is two parts, you may post in two separate entries, with a link to the second post included in the first part of the story. Do not tag the second post, as seen here.
-If the fic is more than two parts, provide as many entries as needed, with a master list of links in the first chapter and/or, a separate master post for all chapters (including the pertinent information). Do not tag subsequent chapters, only tag the masterpost. like so.

Am I allowed to post my own work?
Absolutely! If you have your own website or LJ community, then by all means please provide a link to it! If you have your own art or fanfiction, that is also strongly encouraged! The only requirements are that the piece be finished, and archived in your own journal. Provide a link directly to the piece following the guidelines. If it is a multi-chaptered fic, then either provide a link directly to the master post at your journal, or create a master post entry in your post at The Archive.

What is a Masterpost?
A masterpost is a fanfic post that includes all the general information about a fic (title, author, summary etc) as well as direct links to each chapter, as well links to things the author or fans have created for that fic (sometimes soundtracks or art). The Archive encourages masterposts because they make navigating different sites and formats a lot easier!

Can I put multiple recs in a single post?
Multiple recs in a single post are permitted in certain categories, so long as the content is related, and the links appear behind an LJ-cut. Basically, try to have a theme for your post. The categories are: Fanfic, Art, Author Rec, Artist Rec, Site. Fanfic and Fanart must be a single entry per post, but multiple recommendations are permitted in the other categories, but please, only one category in a post. For instance, it would be acceptable to provide several author recommendations, but it would not be permissible to provide links to authors and fic search communities. Also, please remember to always tag your entry accordingly, and to format your entry so as to comply with the guidelines.
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